Computer Labs



Computer Lab Policy



  • *     Smile! you have the privilege of learning computer works.
  • *     Learn something new each time you come to the lab.





Students are required to:-


  • *     Use the lab during their scheduled class time.
  • *     Can’t use computer labs except for computer lessons.
  • *     Walk quietly and carefully to their assigned seat.
  • *     Avoid touching or handle any equipment –especially the computer screen-until they receive instructions.
  • *     Touch the keyboard lightly.
  • *     Put all materials and garbage in appropriate containers.
  • *     Avoid bringing food or other banned items into the computer.
  • *     Concentrate and do their lab assignments quietly.
  • *     Raise hands if they need help and wait patiently and quietly for help.
  • *     Respect the rights and belongings of classmates.
  • *     Use indoor voices.
  • *     Avoid abusing the hardware, in case of any problem with hardware or software, they tell the instructor who will contact the computer lab technician.
  • *     Close all programs and push their chairs under the table before leaving the lab.
  • *     Leave their workstation areas clean and orderly.





Students are responsible for all actions done on thier computers:


  • *     Log only onto their own user accounts.
  • *     Protect and remember their passwords.
  • *     Safeguard their computers and save all their work.
  • *     Log off their computer accounts when they are finished.
  • *     Students will be charged a fine for any damage they cause to any equipment or materials in the computer lab.






*     Verbal warning.

*     5 minutes away from the computer .

*     Loss of remaining computer lab time.










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