Parents' / Teachers' Association

Parents' /  Teachers'  Association ( P.T.A. ) 
Parents are  given  no  less  attention  through (PTA) Parent / Teacher  Association  and because we believe that schools cannot really affect
significant changes to the life of OIS students  without  the  support  and  cooperation  of  parents.

The role of the P.T.A. is summarized below:

  • * Help our school to create and nurture the rich learning environment in which our children grow.
  • * Welcome new families and promote a spirit of community by offering assistance, information, and friendship.
  • * Encourage parental support and participation to enrich the educational experiences of our children.
  • * Support various programs within the school.


- As members of our school community, all parents with children enrolled within the school, are already considered to be a member of the OIS Parent Teacher Association P.T.A..

- Every association requires leadership in order to lead its members. Therefore, as an initial phase of our P.T.A.’s inception, we wish to receive nominations from parents who would like to be part of the Steering Committee – the official name given to the OIS P.T.A.’s leadership team.

- Membership to the Steering Committee will be for a duration of two academic years and will involve attending meetings and supporting in school events and activities

- Within the Steering Committee, each member will be given a role and responsibility. These will be announced separately on the website when all nominations have been received.

- If you would like to be considered for the Steering Committee, we request that you complete a nomination form. All nominees will be considered by merit, and a shortlist of authorized nominees will be circulated to all parents.

- An election will then take place, to select all Steering Committee members. Parents will be asked to vote for committee members based on their nomination information and their reasons for wishing to be part of the Steering Committee.

 - Once the Steering Committee members are elected, work will start on organizing and promoting the PTA’s role.


 A parent who is to be nominated should:-


  • *       Have a vision and innovative and applicable ideas that can improve the school environment.
  • *       Have kids who have spent not less than 2 years at O.I.S.
  • *       Have the ability and time to contact parents.
  • *       Have punctuality towards meeting and commitment towards meeting outcomes.
  • *       Should have an understanding that the Parents’ Council tackles topics of concern for all students, and not for individual cases


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