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OIS Student Union is the body  that represents, in the right position, supports  and  enriches  the  school community  through  activities  and  events carried out by  different committees.


OIS Students' Union is a pioneer organization of producing gene
rations of leader youth.


Preparing a generation of confident leaders who challenge their nations’ obstacles, and are able to show consistency, struggle, and have the important requirements to keep the identity of the nation and its prosperity away from declining and fellowship.







*     Solving the academic social, economic problems of the students.
*     Ensuring that the students get services of the best quality.
*     Maintaining the harmony of the teaching learning process.
*     Serving as a bridge, with the university management..
*     Raising students issues as priority Agenda wherever, whenever..
*     Claiming student’s involvement, in decisions passed by the management.
*     Creating an environment in which student’s unity becomes stronger and stronger.
*     Creating an environment in which one understands the other, deeply.
*     Organizing different student events.




Girls' Section Members


      Position                                                                 Name


Su Senior President                                               Rawan Mahmoud.

1st Head of Organization Committee                        Mennah El-Kashef

2nd Head of Organization Committee                       Esrsaa Wagih

Head of Academics and Culture Committee             Nesma Ahmed

Head of Arts Committee                                         Nik Maryam

Head of Sports and Health Committee                     Yumna Moaz

Head of Support Committee                                    Donia Hussein

Head of Volunteering Committee                             Alaa Elbahrawy


Su Junior President                                               Muzan Abdallah

Head of Academics and Culture Committee             Reem Ahmed

Co-Head of Academics and Culture Committee        Haneen Alaa

Head of Arts Committee                                         Menna Bakr

Head of Organization                                             Jehad Islam.

Head of Sports and Health Committee                     Yumna Moaz

Head of Support Committee                                    Hania Ahmed

Head of Volunteering Committee                             Youmna Sherif

Co-Head of Volunteering Committee                        Ashrakat Ehab


Head                                                                     Mai Ahmed

Production Center                                                  Sara Emad

Social Media Manager                                            Hana Medhat

SU Photographer                                                    Gehad Adel

Head of Student Affairs Committee                          Mennah Galal

Private Office (P.O)                                                Mariam Khalid



Boys' Section Members:


        Position                                              Name


President                                                 Asser El-Bakr

Private Office                                           Omar Zanaty

Head of Sport Committee                          Mostafa Wael

Head of Academic Committee                    Ahmed Shetta

Head of Art Committee                              Lotfy Maher

Head of Organization Committee                Adham Asharaf

 Head of IT Committee                              Youssef Abu Dief

Head of Students’ Affairs Committee          Sief Khaled            


President:                                                 Mohammed Essam

Head of Support Committee:                       Yousef Badwi

Head of Academic Committee:                    Mohamed Ashraf

Head of Organization Committee:                 Ahmed Shaheen  


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