Phonics Lab


Phonics Lab Rules and Policies



Entering the Lab:


*     Walk quietly in the lab.

*     No food, beverages, gum, or candy are permitted at anytime in the lab.

*     Pencils only are to be used in the lab.

*     Bring only the materials requested by your teacher to the lab.

*     Any backpacks or materials not used for the lesson will be left in the front area.





Using Lab Stations:


*     Sit in your assigned seat only.

*     No adjusting of chairs is allowed without permission.

*     Respect the furniture- no tipping of chairs or marking signs on the furniture is allowed.

*     Do not move any cables.

*     Notify your teacher or the lab facilitator if any equipment or furniture needs adjustment or repair.

*     Don’t play with the control panel; control panel is only to be used when directed by the teacher.



Using Headsets:


*     Do not wear headsets until directed.

*     Headsets are to be treated with care; do not unplug or bend any part of headset.

*     Immediately report any problems with headsets.

*     Keep the headset volume as it is assigned.





Completing Activities:


*     Listen carefully and follow all instructions given by your teacher or the lab facilitator.

*     Ask the teacher or lab facilitator if you need help with the lesson or the equipement.

*     Do not leave your seat without permission.

*     Immediately report any equipment problems or failures with computer access.





 Prohibited Activities:


*     Do not attempt to fix any hardware problems.

*     Do not wear personal headphones without permission from your teacher.



 Exiting the lab:


*     Stations must be left in ready condition for the next student

*     Chairs must be pushed in and headsets hung up properly.

*     Quietly leave the lab.






*     Students and parents need to understand that a student's careful and cooperative participation in activities in the lab is to be included in computing a student's quarter grade.

*     Students and their parents will be held liable for damage to equipment, software, and furniture.

*     If a student violates any of the rules, he or she will be subject to disciplinary actions whic may include notification of parents, detentions and/or denial of lab access for that day and/or privilege for a period of time that can be  the remainder of the school year.




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