Science Labs



Science Lab Policy




Lab safety for students,


  1. *     Conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times in the laboratory.
  2. *     Lab coat should be worn during laboratory experiments.
  3. *     Never work in lab without supervision of teacher.
  4. *     Wear gloves when using any toxic agent.
  5. *     Follow all written and verbal instructions carefully.
  6. *     If  you have long hair , you make sure it is tied back.
  7. *     Keep flame and flammable solution far apart.
  8. *     Keep hands away from face eyes, mouth and body while using chemicals.
  9. *     Never look into a container that is being heated.
  10. *     Check the label on all chemical bottles twice before removing any of the contents. 
  11. *     Take only as much chemical as you need.
  12. *     They avoid tasting or smelling any chemicals. 
  13. *     Never remove chemicals or other material from the laboratory area. 
  14. *     Never eat or drink in the lab.
  1. *     Avoid running or pushing your colleagues.
  2. *     Never use laboratory glassware or taps for drinking.
  3. *     Coats, bags and other personal items must be stored in designated areas not in the bench tops.
  4. *     Report any accident (spill, breakage, etc.) or injury (cut, burn, etc.) to the teacher immediately.
  5. *     Clean up your work area before leaving.
  6. *     Wash your hands before leaving.
  7. *     Make sure you are totally aware of the locations of first aids box, fire alarm and the exits of the science labs.
  8. *     In case of any negligence of any student in the laboratory which might cause damage to any scientific tool the student will be asked to pay for it.
  9. *     If this negligence was repeated then the school administration will contact this student’s parent/guardians directly.
























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