School Cafeteria



Nutrition has a vast influence on a child’s development, health status, well-being and potential for learning. Schools are in a position to play an important role in ensuring that healthy eating patterns are promoted through the availability of healthy food choices.

Our school provides an environment that encourages and supports the development and maintenance of healthy eating habits.

Our school provides a variety of nutritious foods and beverages to students and staff that enables them to make healthy food choices.




Display of  Foods and Beverages:


All nutritious food choices are displayed on front shelves and in an area that students and staff can easily see.


Availability of Foods and Beverages:


Efforts have been made to ensure that all healthier items advertised on the menu are available daily and that enough of each item is available for purchase daily.


Food Safety:


*     One full-time cafeteria employee ( a qualified che f) has a health safety certificate .

*     A hand sanitizing station is provided to the cafeteria’s employees.

*     Cafeteria staff always wears disposable gloves.




 *     Students are allowed to buy from the school cafeteria during break time only,  except water is allowed at any time but with permission.

 *     Students should line up when buying from the school cafeteria.

 *     Students should throw litters in the litter baskets, not on the floor.

 *     It is forbidden to take drinks in any glass, or metal containers; only disposable plastic or paper cups and containers are allowed. 

 *     Teachers on duty have to watch over these rules.



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