School GYM Policy





Rules For everyone, no exceptions These rules are to ensure safety and proper care of the GYM.



For a healthy, safe and enjoyable year, please follow the below rules:


*     No fooling around, wrestling, running or ball playing in the hallway or GYM.

*     The hall and gym must be kept neat and clean. Any trash or papers should be put in the barrels.

*     After class, line up in the corridor.

*     If you borrow anything from us, please return it at the end of the class.

*     Do not touch other’s belongings and carefully watch your own.

*     No gum chewing, candy, foods, seeds, or drink in the gym before, during or after school.

*     Only sneakers are allowed on the GYM floor. They must be laced all the way and tied securely before entering the GYM.

*     Jewelry, earring are not allowed in gym class. We are not Responsible for broken or lost items. DO NOT ask us to hold anything.

*     Do not enter the storeroom or take out equipment without asking.

*     Do not kick or throw any ball in a crowded class.

*     When you enter the gym, please put your backpack on the stage and sit in your spot so attendance can be taken. When instructions are being given, please do not lie down.

*     You need a note from your parent or doctor to be excused from gym class.

*     Do not leave the  GYM without permission.

*     Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 






Any violation of the above conditions by any user may result in suspension of his/her right in using the Sports Facilities. The Sports Facilities Management of the School shall decide the period of suspension.








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