Sport Courts





Physical Education in schools concerns the involvement of children in fitness ,activities, sports,Health Education, and gymnastics . All are designed to encourage a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle. Such involvement is particularly important at present with the extent of obesity and other illnesses, many of which reflect a lack of exercise and healthy living.




Sport Center:


Making Sports available to Everyone is one of OIS’s main goals and we offer a diversity of sports premises fit to any age and suitable for a variety of sports as , football, basketball,volleyball, and many others.

Through all the sports facilities, its apparatus and equipment, OIS offers excellent conditions for practicing physical sports, going all out to meet the needs of each user, thus increasing the number and quality of the available sports.


Al Oruba Sport Center is enclosed in an area which is provided with the following services and facilities:


*     Swimming Pool.

*     Shower rooms.

*     Rocket.

*     Table Hockey.

*     Billiard.

*     Table tennis.

*     Baby foot.






*     Aerobics.

*    Gymnastic.



Outdoor Courts:


*     Football Court.

*     Volleyball.

*     Basketball.



General Basic Rules:


Sports are most often played just for fun or for the simple fact that people need exercise to stay in good physical condition.

As in life, whether you play Racket Sports, Target Sports, any Team Sport or other Extreme Sports, there are always some basic rules for sports, but what are the basic rules of sports for?


If you know the basic sport rules,


 *     You will learn faster.

*     You always know what to do.

*     You never have to stretch to far.

*     You always feel comfortable.

*     Only properly clean trainers or football boots will be allowed. Football studs must be made of rubber or other synthetic material since it is strictly forbidden the aluminum ones.

*     Users are demanded to wear outfits appropriate for each facility, and therefore are not allowed to play without a t-shirt

*     Users are not allowed to handle or use the facilities’ materials and gears without previous permission, compliant to the existing rules.

*     All players must leave the playing area when their booked session/hour is over. 

*     The Management may refuse any person from using the facility if a user does not comply with the regulations.

*     The Management reserves the right to reject any person from entering the Sports Facilities upon health grounds or other reasons and/or impose further conditions for the use of facilities.

*     The users shall be responsible to meet the cost of repairing any damage caused to the facilities,and of repairing or reinstating or replacing any equipment, apparatus, fitting, or other property damaged , stolen or removed  during the use of the facilities. 

*     All equipment must be returned right after the use of Sports Facilities.

*     All found properties will be returned to the Sports Centre Office and being kept for 3 weeks.

*     Thereafter all unclaimed items will be sent to General Administration Team of the School for further actions.




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