Library Media Center (LMC)



Library Lessons: 


Library lessons are a main component of the school weekly schedule . Students , with an English teacher , get to the library where they enjoy target reading and  listening , activities. Students also have to present projects that show integration between English and Library lessons.  




Circulation Policy


1. Borrowing books: 


*     Students may have (2) items checked-out under their names at a time.

*     Most books circulate for two weeks. They may be renewed one (1) time for an additional two week period. Books must be returned to the library to be renewed.

*     The books must be returned to the library in the same condition they  were borrowed

*     If damaged in any way, i.e., covers, pages damaged by having pictures cut out, or writing in the book, a student has to pay the replacement cost of the book.



2. Returning Books:


Please place books in the book drop at the circulation desk.



3. Overdue Books:


An overdue book will prevent a student from checking out any other books. It is in the student's best interest not to keep materials past the due date, or respond to the first overdue notice by either returning the book, or renewing the overdue materials.



4. Lost and damaged materials:


A lost book is charged the current replacement cost of the material.





 5. Resources:


 *     Book collection of 15,000+ volumes including:


 *     Nonfiction books

 *     Biographies.


 6. Reference books:


*    Teaching Resources . 

Publications : 

*     School MAGAZINE is  available with full text articles in the library .

*     School NEWSPAPER is available with full text articles through the Internet on the school website. 



7. Staff:


L.&M.C staff are there to help you find materials that you need, to help you learn how to use any equipment properly and to help you develop research skills that you will use for the rest of your life. If you need any help or have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them.






*     No eating, drinking, chewing gum, etc., is allowed. There should be nothing in your mouth while visiting the LMC unless you have a note from the doctor/nurse.

*     Proper respect toward other people, teachers, the books and other materials must be maintained at all times while in the Library Media Center.

*     The noise level in the library should not rise above a whisper. While in the Library Media Center doing research, you should be on task.

*     The media Center is the place where students have the chance to hold posts and carry out the responsibilities of main events.





Media Center Students’ Jobs/Roles:


*     Heads/ Persons in charge.

*     Spokes Person.

*     Magazine / Newsletters Editors.

*     I.T personnel.

*     Designers.

*     Photographers.

*     Interviewers.

*     Spotlight team (issuing propaganda and advertisements).

*     Ushers/ Usherettes.

*     Public Relation team.




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