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Eco Team 2014 :



It is a day when a group of middle and high school students - girls' section- wanted to raise awareness about the importance of green environment . The girls encouraged all students and teachers to plant some seeds in small pots as symbols for their realization of how essential plants are to humans , not only as  sources of food but also as factors of producing oxygen and purifying the air around .

Students were all very enthusiastic about the idea of planting. Even the young ones who didn't get chances to plant were given small plants as gifts from the Eco team .























Advance-ED Global Conference 2013:



The Advance-ED Global Conference 2013 was held at Al-Oruba International Schools on Thursday,14th Feb. It was such an occasion that showed how so highly reputed our school is that it was chosen to host this international event.  











Breast Cancer Event 2012: 



It is an event that aimed to raise awareness about this disease among women in general regardless of their ages. Many grade 10 students participated to organize the event by inviting not only a physicist to talk about prevention , symptoms ,and medication but also women who went through that condition to share their experiences. One important feature on that day was the charitable sales whose income were all devoted to Saudi Cancer Society for supporting women of breast cancer. 







OGT (Oruba’s Got Talent) started in 2012:



It is a talent show that features singers, dancers, comedians, and other performers of all ages competing to win.





 International Week:    


Celebrating the school’s diversity of the student body and highlighting the significance of cultural enrichment, the school has decided to hold an International Week. Instead of it being only one event, we have decided to focus and dedicate an entire week every month for one particular country where every subject’s department will be in charge of the activities and all the on goings will be powered by the Media Center in terms of organization and media coverage.

During every country’s this international week the departments will hold various lectures, presentations, and fun activities that represent the country and its culture. Throughout the week all the student body is encouraged to participate, they will receive variety of information and facts in a very innovative and entertaining way. Students will have the chance to learn everything about the country’s traditions and culture including costumes, food, historical facts, and so much more!




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