Sociology provides opportunities for students to study human social behavior from a group perspective Students:



*     Describe the development of sociology as a social science, by identifying methods and strategies of research and by examining the contributions of sociology to the understanding of social issues.


*     Examine the influence of culture on the individual and the way cultural transmission is accomplished.


*     Identify how social status influences individual and group behaviors and how that status relates to the position a person occupies within a social group.


*     Explore the impacts of social groups on individual and group behavior.


*     Identify the effects of social institutions on individual and group behavior, and that these institutions influence the development of the individual through the socialization process.


*     Examine the changing nature of society and explain that social change.


*     Analyze a range of social problems in today‚Äôs world. Social problems result from imbalances within the social system and affect a large number of people in an adverse way.


*     Examine the role of the individual as a member of the community and also explore both individual and collective behavior.








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