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When parents are involved in their children’s education, everyone benefits – students, parents, teachers, schools and communities. Great schools can become even better places to teach and learn, and student achievement often improve.


Parent engagement means:-

*       Making learning an important part of a child’s day.

*       Supporting students at home and at school.

*       Participating in the life of the classroom, school, and community.


we invite parents to get nominated for the Parents/Teachers Council. Whoever wants to be elected is most welcome to put his/her name forward.


A parent who is to be nominated should:-


  • *       Have a vision and innovative and applicable ideas that can improve the school environment.
  • *       Have kids who have spent not less than 2 years at O.I.S.
  • *       Have the ability and time to contact parents.
  • *       Have punctuality towards meeting and commitment towards meeting outcomes.
  • *       Should have an understanding that the Parents’ Council tackles topics of concern for all students, and not for individual cases.


 Please, if you are interested, fill in  Parent / Teachers Nomination Form  within a week.




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