Terms and Conditions of Registration


Terms and Conditions of Registration 2018-2019


 All information and documentation required have to be completed before the registration process.


1-The parents’ /students’ handbook must be read carefully and is obligatory to be followed.


2-No NEW student is accepted at school unless he / she has passes  the placement test as required and unless the guardian and the student have an interview with the administration. 


3-The school has the right to dismiss any ill-mannered student.


4- School Day Timing :

****** First lesson starts at 7:00a.m.

Girl's section:

****** School is over daily at 1:15p.m. for grades (1 to 3 ) & at 1:25p.m. for grades ( 4 to12 ) . Except on Thursday grades ( 1 to 3 ) at 12:25 p.m. and Grades ( 4 to12 ) at 12:35p.m.

 Boys' section: 

****** School is over daily at 1:20 PM for grades 1 to 3 and  1:35 PM for grades 4 to 12 .Except on Thursday Grades (1 to 3) will be dismissed at: 12:35pm / Grades (4 to 12) will leave at: 12:45pm

Kindergarten Section:

****** First lesson starts at 7:00a.m.

****** School is over daily at 12:00a.m. Except on Thursday at 11:30 a.m.


5-Full commitment has to be shown concerning arrival and departure times. Concerning the arrival and departure times, school gates are open at 6:30A.M till 6:45 A.M according to Ministry Of Education  regulations.  administration penalties are to be issued for any lateness.


6-considering that the school gates will close at 1:45p.m., in case of any late pick up  the school have all rights to take the procedures mentioned in the parents’/students’ handbook.


7-Parents picking up their son(s) / daughter(s) have to show cooperation as not to block the way in front of school gates and to follow the direction of the school security men.


8-Parents shouldn’t park their cars in the places assigned for school buses.


9-In case of any problem with school bus drivers or school security men, parents should contact the school administration and should not try to solve the problem themselves. 


10-A student is not to leave the school before the end of the school day unless his or her parent asks for a permission at the beginning of the school day. 


11-In case that a parent is not to pick a student up and someone else is to come, the parent has to inform the school administration through a formal written note that has the name and Iqama number of the person picking up the child.


12-A student  is allowed to be absent  for  Only three days (not consecutive )within one quarter with no deduction .More than three days, a percentage is to be deducted from the participation marks for each school subject. Deduction in marks due to absence is to be totalized at the end of each quarter.


13-In case of absence, the school must be notified through a tel. call. If sick, a student must show a medical report ;otherwise, marks are be deducted from the attendance marks.


14-In case of infectious diseases, a student ‎should stay at home until completely recovered.‎‎Complying with the Health Ministry’s regulations, a student with chickenpox ‎has to stay at home for not less than two weeks till all symptoms disappear.


15-In case of having health problems, the school must be informed through a medical certificate issued from a reputable medical organization.


16-In case of any other special disease such as  ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD ) the school has the right to reject students’ enrollment.


17-Parents are not allowed to enter the school playground or classrooms during the school day. Parents who are interested in coming to school for discussing any issues related to their child/children should take an appointment and mention the subject to be discussed.

This appointment can be taken using different means of communication:

       * Appointment Form 

       *Via the school's e-mail (  info@alorubaschools.com)

       *Via the school's phone.

       *Sending a letter with your child to the building’s monitor.

       *Leaving a letter with the doorkeepers who in turn will hand it over to the person in charge.


 18-Parents’ / Teachers' meetings are dated at the beginning of the year for the purpose of discussing students’ performance with the teaching staff; therefore, attendance is advisable.


19-Guardians’ notes, complaints, and comments are answered only by the school administration and therefore, no direct contact is to be made with the teaching staff.


20-Contacting the school administration is to be via FAX , Tel. , Email ( info@alorubaschools.com)or via the suggestions and complaints on the school website.


21-In case of phone calls, parents are kindly requested to be to the point to give chance to others. Phone calls or complaints with no names are NOT to be taken into consideration.


22-A parent has NO right to interfere in the school policy which seeks the betterment of all. No change in classrooms or sitting system is permitted. In case of not observing commitments, the school admin has to proceed with any penalties to assure the betterment of all. 


23-In case of a parent’s non commitment to taking action regarding his son or daughter’s educational or behavioral  data , the school administration has the right to dismiss the student & report the case to the ministry of education. 


24-Any conduct report sent from the school has to be signed by the guardian and sent back to the school promptly.


25-In case of any damage caused to any of the school property by the student, the expenses are to be charged on the student’s guardian.


26-No uniform is permissible other than the school uniform. If not, marks will be deducted for each day. In case of repetitive non commitment administrative procedures would be applied.( Check parents'/students' handbook )


27-Girls from grades 5 up to 12 should wear a Abaya and a head scarf while getting in and out of the school.


28-A guardian has to ask for the books’ list to be aware of the text books & workbooks etc. The books’ list is available at the administration, therefore, school is not to be charged for ignoring this.


29-Students should have a complete set of books no later than two days from the beginning of the academic year.


30-Required fees and installments should be fully paid upon registration for all grades. In case of an agreement with accounts department on paying the fees in deposits, all deposits have to be fully paid maximum by the last week of November for the first term, and maximum by the last week of March for the second term. 


31-Parents are kindly requested to show punctuality in paying the deposits of school fees. In case of being late, a parent is to receive a reminder, and a student will not receive any reports, exam results, or files. Furthermore, the administration will take all the legal and administrative procedures to guarantee fulfilling the school fees.


32-If a student joins the school in the second term, his parent has to pay  the fees of the second term equal to the fees of the first term..

In case of late joining, a parent has to pay the full fees of each term.


33-Discount is offered at the enrollment of more than one student. 5% on the second child, 10% on the third child, 10% on the fourth child, and 10% on the fifth child. 



34-Mobiles are strictly forbidden in school ,If a student is seen with a mobile phone in class or around the school campus during the school time ,the phone will be taken from the student after the second warning and held at the school until the end of the academic year. 


35 - Based on the regulation issued by the Saudi Ministry of Education No. ( 371059152 ) dated ( 14/6/1437 ) that prohibits taking photos and using mobiles within the school premises, Any student is NOT to violate this rule; otherwise the school has all the right to refer to the authorities in charge and to take all assigned consequences.





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