Academics Overview


Academics Overview




Every successful concept and project in life requires a proper framework and planning. This relates to all processes, including education. Whenever we embark on any new step or procedure, we need to make sure that we have all the plans drawn up. What is on offer, available resources , steps needed to be taken and goals that are to be achieved are some elements that need to be considered meticulously . A similar set of constraints when applied to education in schools gives birth to curriculum. A curriculum is the framework of concepts and skills required to be mastered in an academic year for each subject being taught .


Referring to the school - wide academic expectations , the school’s vision, mission , and beliefs , the standards for  new curricula chosen  are all hopefully set to fulfill the school’s comprehensive targets and goals .


The priority of our curricula is to align with the school’ s mission that states ‘our mission is to empower all students with the knowledge , skills ,and attitude needed to succeed as responsible life – long learners’ . Strong content knowledge fostered with enhanced abilities, and skills to comprehend and critique as well as to use technology , all help an individual be a life long learner. Also , the independence demonstrated through the learning process gives a student responsibility towards his own learning .Finally , developing an attitude of understanding other perspectives and  cultures facilitates the life – long learning process wherever a person is .


Regarding our curricula for the subjects, we use common core state standards in English and mathematics. We use Mc. Rell standards in science, social , and physical education while  in French Canadian standards are used. When it comes to Arabic, Saudi history and Islamic studies and as we are an international school located in K.S.A , we have to keep aligned with the standards of the Saudi Ministry of education. 


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