Co-curricular Activities



Co-curricular Activities 



Math Club


It is a program that aims to:


*     Create an easy to learn concept of math.   


*     Develop techniques for critical thinking


*     Influence students to link math and explore their hidden potentials in math. 


*     Help students with difficulties in math.


*     Create a supportive learning environment of mathematics.  





Drama Club



The drama club involves many different speakingactivities. In which all girls are involved and participate. Students read out loud play scripts and play oral word games, to enhance their English speaking abilities as well as to overcome shyness when speaking in front of others.






First Aid Club


*     First Aid is one of the most important health educational programs which everyone must know about.


*     First Aid program gives an idea about some emergency cases and how everyone can deal with these cases until the case is transmitted the hospital or checked by a doctor.  


*     First aid program includes cases like cut wound, burns, fractures, nasal bleeding chocking, Electrical shock and cardiac and respiratory tract recitation.





Science Club




 Is an innovative and creative program designed for school children in particular. The primary

 objective of the club is to provide an extra-curricular and highly engaging  environment to  

 improve and enhance student's understanding of Science 




Through the science club, the school aims:


*     To help students acquire basic knowledge of science.


*     To help students develop scientific thinking.


*     To develop students' awareness of and concern for scientific issues in personal, social, environmental and technological contexts.


*     To arouse and cultivate students' interest in learning science.


*    To encourage students to participate actively in the activities organized by the science club.


*    To let students understand scientific knowledge through experiments.





Art Club


*     Art is not only for entertainment purposes, as might believed. It is a way to elevate the mind and soul and to give students opportunities to enhance their creative skills.


*     The primary goal of the production of Art is to clarify and simplify other materials so as to employ the art in the life of the student.


















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