KG Facilities




Kindergarten Facilities Description



Playground Area






OIS we encourage physical education because we recognize that the playground area is essential for healthy development, but free

spontaneous play is the most beneficial type for children. There are two playground areas in the Kindergarten Section. One outside the building which  is appropriate for KG-3 children and one inside, on the ground floor appropriate for KG- 1 and KG- 2 children.




Sand Area






The school has sand area in each classroom that provides a safe and secure environment for the children. It also gives the children the

opportunity to be creative, constructive ,and develop  fine tuning physical movements.




Corner Room


The corner room is equipped with mini furniture to teach our young children on daily basis how to be independent and useful citizens in the future.






















Our school  cafeteria provides the place where children can safely buy snacks such as biscuits, pizza, and water ,milk etc . It also gives the children the opportunity to experience cooking lessons like making their own cereal, Cheese sandwiches, fruit salad .The aim is to provide the children with the skills for practical life situations.









The OIS school nurse provides  effective medical and mental services to children in case of an emergency or during daily rounds. She also

provides children with  various health information topics  such as ( Dental and   Personal Hygiene, Good Nutrition, etc..)




Multipurpose Room







The large Multipurpose Room on the third floor provides a safe environment where teachers and children can freely  do different types of activities such as Drama, Physical Education   ( Gym) , practice for end of the year Celebration Program, etc..   









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