Media Center Overview

 Media Center Overview




The Oruba International School Media Center is a crucial department made up of a team of meticulous members who are very diligent and passionate in what they do and who are in charge of covering most of the major school events whether academic or extracurricular . It also publishes a monthly newsletter, and magazine published twice a year as well as a year book. The center has a wide array of jobs to which students can apply in the beginning of every academic year. These jobs all serve the same purpose of gaining self confidence and independence. Furthermore, they help in teaching students leadership and make them acquire extraordinary speaking skills. Jobs are either organizational, like ushers and usherettes, IT-related, like designers, photographers, and video editors, or in journalism, like interviewers, reporters, or journalists. The media center is the backup source for all school events to which one can refer to get a comprehensive idea about what goes on in the school.


Leading Heads (Girls):
Sabrine Khedre                              Grade 12 Grade 12
Alia Nabil                                      Grade 12 Grade 12
Jumana Elghazali                           Grade 12 Grade 12
Sara Elghattas                               Grade 11
Grade 11
Heba Hosny                                   Grade 11
Grade 11
Yasmin Mohammed                        Grade 11
Grade 11

Leading Heads (Boys):

Ahmed Abdelkareem Grade11
Mohammed Gadallah Grade11
Zeyad Islam Grade12
George Hany Grade10
Mohamed Tarek Grade10


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