QAT Overview

About QAT (Quality Assurance Team)

QAT Mission

Our mission is to equip each student and staff member with tools that ensure the opportunity to develop 21 st century skills and coordinate the necessary programs to meet the needs of students for planning their careers and enhancing their communication skills.


QAT Vision

Our vision is to enable each student to develop as a responsible citizen in the global community, and to acquire 21 st century skills and knowledge they need to thrive in a world where change is constant.

QAT Beliefs

We believe that:

•    Implementation a continuous improvement process is necessary for organizational growth. 

•    Educating children is the responsibility of the school.  

•    Making decisions together creates shared commitment. 

•    Learning how to learn is essential for success. 

•    A differentiated classroom is a vehicle that addresses the needs of learners. 

•    Valuing diversity benefits the individual and the society. 

•    Teachers, administrators, parents, and the community share the responsibility for advancing the school’s mission.

These beliefs are based on the following values:

•    All children are capable of positive change; behaviorally and academically. 

•    Quality treatment and education can only take place in a diverse, safe, and secure environment.  

•    AL Oruba International facility should provide opportunity for all students to learn, succeed, and become independent, productive, and law abiding citizens. 

•    We must be in partnership and collaborate with all stakeholders for the provision of programs and services. 

•    The optimum growth of each student depends on the  interaction among intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and vocational experiences. 

•    All programs should be continuously evaluated for their effectiveness.


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