KG 3 Weekly Report


KG Weekly Report


The weekly report is wrapping all the lessons and materials of the current week, and will be published by the end of every week.

second_term_kg3_weekly_report_1.pdf705.97 KB
second_term_kg3_weekly_report_2.pdf828.5 KB
second_term_kg3_weekly_report_3.pdf930.59 KB
second_term_kg3_weekly_report_4.pdf377.18 KB
second_term_kg3_weekly_report_5.pdf540.04 KB
second_term_kg3_weekly_report_6.pdf368.82 KB
second_term_kg3_weekly_report_7.pdf445.46 KB
second_term_kg3_weekly_report_8.pdf347.05 KB
second_term_kg3_weekly_report_9.pdf328.27 KB
second_term_kg3_weekly_report_10.pdf346.76 KB
second_term_kg3_weekly_report_11.pdf297.2 KB
second_term_kg3_weekly_report_12.pdf236.99 KB

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